We only know how to do one thing: work.


We designed the City of Gorraiz and the Eco-city of Sarriguren and have built more than 4,500 homes and various emblematic buildings.


We’re capable of creating from scratch. Of turning a field of grain into a bustling community, full of life and stories. Raising a building or erecting a city isn't a question of just building. It means being aware of the environment, of sensing the yearnings of the people who want to live there and anticipating them. Building also means being serious about our work, using the best professionals, materials and qualities as the project takes shape.


Creation of new urban spaces + Bioclimatic construction + Public infrastructures and services + Homes designed to provide a high quality of life




Plaza Palacio 4, bajo. 31620, Gorraiz (Valle de Egüés). /// T. +34 948 25 65 62 F. +34 948 17 25 74 /// info@construccionesflores.com