We only know how to do one thing: work.


We designed the City of Gorraiz and the Eco-city of Sarriguren and have built more than 4,500 homes and various emblematic buildings.


Yes. We still get excited about each new project. Because each one means a new challenge, not just meeting the expectations of our customers, rather exceeding them. So far, we've been told that we’ve always been successful in doing so.


We strive to bring each idea, each aspiration, each desire to fruition. To do so, it is important to actively listen, to make quality construction and materials a priority and to love design and state-of-the-art architecture.



CAN Building (Caja de Ahorros de Navarra)
Castillo of Gorraiz Hotel
Singular Building
Mapfre Building
Clínica Universitaria


Plaza Palacio 4, bajo. 31620, Gorraiz (Valle de Egüés). /// T. +34 948 25 65 62 F. +34 948 17 25 74 /// info@construccionesflores.com